Valery Sutherland.
For several decades, artist Valery Sutherland created both wall and free-standing sculptures. They were constructed from layered plywood, the surfaces being incised or built up with acrylic mediums. The sculptures were then painted. An interest in opera and the art and architecture of the Maya, were just two of the subjects that Sutherland used as inspiration for her sculptures. She also illustrated her concern for climate change, the problems that are connected to illicit drug use and the possibility of future conflict with the use of nuclear weapons.
In recent years, Sutherland, who lives in Connecticut in a house that is surrounded by forest, started to take digital photographs of the trees and sky that she saw every day from her home. When using a log splitter, she also photographed some of the split logs that had interesting textures and shapes. On her computer, she manipulated many of these images and decided to use some of them creatively by returning to painting, mainly on canvas but sometimes on wood panels. She no longer creates sculptures but hasn’t ruled out the possibility if the right subject presents itself.
Sutherland has exhibited her artwork throughout New England, the New York area and New Jersey for over thirty years. She studied art in England at Tunbridge Wells Art School and especially, with David Cashman at St. Martin’s Art School. To view her artwork, visit