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The Continual Measurement of the Days #1
The Continual Measurement of the Days #1
acrylic, sand, plywood
55" x 75" x 6"

‘The Continual Measurement of the Days’ is one of my multi – panel wall sculptures. It contains references to earlier series, in particular the ‘Sunset’ series. Some elements of the sculpture originated in a number of small sketches that I made after the horrific events of September 11th, 2001. I have tried to show that in spite of continuing violence through the centuries, some things have remained with us from earlier times that illustrate the capability of humans to create things of beauty that last beyond the creator’s life span. I have personalized the sculpture by referencing some of the things that I consider to be beautiful and worthwhile, such as the later paintings of Philip Guston; the art and architecture of the Maya: the voice of soprano Kirsten Flagstad and Richard Wagner’s last opera, ‘Parsifal’.